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branding 1Whether you are a start-up business, a business that is already established, a charitable group, or a political campaign, branding is an essential asset that needs to be implemented to ensure a path to success.

Branding in itself is often confused for things that it is not.  Your brand is not simply your logo.  Your brand is not simply a corporate identity system.  Most importantly, your brand is not simply the product you offer your consumers.  While all factors contribute to your overall brand, the true definition of a brand is the gut feeling an individual gets about a product, service, or company.

branding 2

Think of the feeling you get when you crack the top of a fire engine red can of Coca-Cola on a hot summer day, or the feeling of nostalgia you get when you walk into a McDonald’s and smell the fresh smell of French fries, triggering memories of your first happy meal as a child.  Apple has created an entire lifestyle based on their brand.  Other companies have the capabilities to build a better product, but due to the extreme brand loyalty they have created, there will be people lined up around the block for the new iPhone regardless of how minuscule the change is from the prior model.

While these are all large scale corporate models, why should the little guys not be allowed the same advantages?  We think it can be done, and should be done, on any level of business.  Obscuritee works directly with it’s clients to understand what their vision for their brand is and execute accordingly, on a scale that is fitting for their industry and size.  Through our network of professionals, we will ensure that you have a path laid in front of you.  Through our in house production division, we will ensure execution.

Businesses that understand branding set themselves apart from their competition.  Don’t allow your organization be one of your competitor’s speck in their rear-view mirror while they accelerate into the fast lane of your shared industry.