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Overtime Radio: Show 3


A different way of looking at the expectations we may have as entrepreneurs and professionals in today’s business world.  Odds are, if you’ve started a path down the entrepreneurial road in hopes of becoming the next Zuckerburg or other famous founder of the next Fortune 500 company, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  It’s a very rare achievement, the likes of which many of us entrepreneurs will never see.  But for some reason, we tend to think of this as a reasonable goal to shoot for, rarely discouraging anyone from pursuing such a dream.

That’s because there are certain unattainable traits that propel an individual to such a level.  The same way those who find themselves in a position of professional athlete, making millions in the NBA, have a certain set of immeasurable strengths that just comes natural.  So why is it that one career is encouraged while the other is thought of as nothing more than a pipe dream?

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