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Overtime Radio: Show 1

LogoThe topic for our first show is a simple one.  We like to call it “I Started a Business…..Now What?”  In our first recording, you will hear your trio of Zack, Ryan, and Phil discuss what steps you need to take when venturing out on your road to entrepreneurial success.  Any one of us can register the proper paperwork and come up with a great idea, but is it really a business without customers?

It was almost 10 years ago when we first started our business FAMS Printing, and we remember the days of ZERO customers.  It was enough to strike fear in even the strongest-willed individual.  I’m sure many others out there know the exact same feeling.  With our new venture of OT Marketing, we’ve found ourselves in the familiar situation all over again.

Now, even though we remember the days of no customer base, that feeling of urgency that comes along with it isn’t as familiar.  If you have already taken the first steps in starting a new business from scratch, then you most likely know what we’re talking about in our first show.  For the first show on Overtime Radio, we’re going to reflect back on how we first started to target potential clients and more importantly, what we didn’t do as well as what we should have done.

Don’t worry, your customers will come.  But a little bit of planning (and a lot of patience), along with the ability to shift gears at a moments notice, will go a long ways.  Enjoy the show, and if there are topics you want to hear covered, be sure to drop us a comment or tweet us @FAMStees.

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