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Overtime Radio: Show 4

LogoThe term “think outside the box” has been used to the point of exhaustion, especially in the corporate world.  While its always good to take a different perspective on any situation, sometimes we force the issue, causing us to forget that there is still a lot we can fit inside the box.  It’s a matter of getting back to basics.

On our shows we talk about social media, networking, and branding but if your product or service is garbage, then all of this is irrelevant.  Sometimes we get off course and need to take a closer look at what it is we actually do and improve on that before we start tackling our big dreams of growth and expansion.  There’s no better place to start than taking a step back inside the box that many of us are encouraged to think outside of.  That might jst be enough to gain a trusted name in whatever industry you are in.

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