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Overtime Radio: Show 6

LogoShow 6: Do I Have to Use Social Media?

Social media sites are everywhere.  If you don’t use one of the main platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Vines then you are in the minority.  It’s become an essential way for not just individuals, but company’s to stay in contact with their base.  The best part about it?  It’s free.

In a world where there are so many costly advertising options for starting a business, shouldn’t we embrace such an opportunity?  Its understandable for those who don’t have any sort of personal accounts to dive straight into posting on Facebook and waiting for the “likes” to roll in.  And who has the time for that?  I’m sure you’re focused on actually running your business, right?  But with just a little time and practice, you’ll be tweeting like there’s no tomorrow.

Also, listen as we premier our segment titled Phil’s Break Room Tip of the Day.  His advice on workplace survival may be what saves your sanity…or question his state of mind.

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