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Overtime Radio: Show 7

LogoTechnology is at our fingertips and its completely changed the way we do business.  Today we’ll explore whether that’s a good thing or not.  It seems like a foolish question.  Our natural response is “Of course its a good thing!”

Sure, in its simplest response, technology is great.  It’s what allows us to record these shows and bring them to you weekly, so that should be enough right there.

While we have more opportunities than ever before to use technology to get the most out of our business, our inability to unplug and cut it off at the right time is what sets us up for a potential burnout.  Its not just those who are business owners that feel the need to reply to every e-mail, no matter the hour.  Employees feel just as obligated as everyone knows the ability to respond is readily available at their fingertips.  Even out of the office messages won’t work anymore, because even on a beach during your hard earned vacation time, you are expected to be accessible.  Is that really the right way to operate?

Sometimes simply unplugging can be beneficial for your own sanity from a personal and a business standpoint.  If you let yourself get burned out, your work has the potential to suffer which is a disservice to both you and your clients.  Listen to what we call our PSA.  Technology can be overwhelming and we’ll explore the best way for you to harness it before it takes control of you.

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