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If you listen to our show, then you have an interest in expanding your own business or are seriously considering throwing your hat into the entrepreneurial ring.  You may also be on the flip side.  You may have been on the wrong end of what happens when a business doesn’t succeed.  You may have failed.  We’re here to tell you, regardless of how terrible it feels, failure isn’t that big of a deal.

This is a tough one if you let it consume you.  That word…FAIL.  Many people outside the world of proprietorship may feel this to be true, but a true entrepreneur knows that this is simply part of the territory.  I’ve failed at ventures more often than I’ve succeeded, but if you don’t try, you’ll never find what sticks for you.  Eventually, you will find success, but don’t let the failures consume your attitude.  They are surprisingly a valuable learning lesson to help launch your next great venture.

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