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Today’s topic is networking.  While networking can be essential to the growth of your small business, it can also become its own beast, taking up more time than what you are getting out of it.  Regardless, networking, either in the form of groups or your own personal collection of professionals to reach out to, will become a strong foundation for not only how you move your business forward, but with who you will do it with.

More than ever, businesses in all industries are choosing to form groups outside of the traditional networking groups you will find through local chambers and other costly facilitators that bring professionals together.  While we would never discourage joining such groups, just remember that sometimes a strong bond with companies you respect and have grown close with is enough to your own networking moving in the right direction.

It’s not a one way street though.  You should be just as quick to jump at sending clients in the direction of leads as you would expect to have referrals walk in your door.  Even working closely with similar business to your own industry can be beneficial to both parties.  Whether you are a brand new business or one that has hit a brick wall, you might find networking to be the boost you need.


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